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How to verify the real competence of scaffold installers?

The Scaffolding Installers Online training developed by Patera was used in the spring during our customer’s annual maintenance shutdown. The customer wanted to ensure that the scaffold installers coming to work during the shutdown were familiar with Finnish requirements for scaffold installations.

The orientation also ensures that installers coming from abroad know how to install racks correctly in Finland – 8 different language versions make this possible. As construction site safety increased, the client also wanted to respond to the legal requirement to take into account issues related to employees’ personal conditions to work (TTL 738/2002) and who is allowed to install scaffolding in Finland (Vna 205/2009).

Feedback from the orientation

The training data collected from the annual maintenance shutdown in question is interesting to read, taking into account that everyone who completed training and came to do scaffolding work during the annual maintenance shutdown of the industry must have done scaffolding work before:

  • 134 performers, of which
  • 117 passed the practical final exam
  • 17 did not pass (almost 13%)

There are three attempts at the passing exam, after which the course guides you to acquire additional training. For those who did not pass the orientation, the customer decided on a case-by-case basis whether to open the course again. The feedback we received after the shutdown was great to hear: “The racks have never been in such good condition before.”

Made for customer needs

As far as we know, there is no similar training product that can be used to verify the practical familiarity of scaffolding installers with Finnish requirements for scaffolding, other than just theoretically. The product was developed out of a customer-oriented desire, when the field needed a way to ensure the real familiarity and competence of the scaffold installers coming to the site. Namely, how can you, as a customer, actually know what kind of expertise the scaffolding company’s installers come to your site with? It is worth noting that you as a subscriber should know that though.

Minimize risks and be a responsible operator

The installation and operating instructions of the rack manufacturers remind us, “local legislation must always be followed”. Therefore, it is not possible to make racks in Finland just according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions, our own legislation also sets its own regulations for installations, which have been taken into account in the orientation. The customer will still receive a document from the orientation, which can be used to verify that the persons have undergone the training. With online training, you can easily verify the competence of installers and not unknowingly allow incompetents to operate on your site, so in the event of a possible unfortunate accident, you avoid, or at least minimize, your personal risk of being accused of a possible occupational safety violation.

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Janne Parantainen
Scaffolding safety specialist
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